2019 Toyota Mirai Price, review, MSRP

2019 Toyota Mirai review, Price & MSRP

2019 Toyota Mirai review, Price & MSRP

2019 Toyota Mirai review, Price & MSRP – It looks like 2019 Toyota Mirai will be the last year model of the current generation. The latest report indicates that the company is working on the next generation model, which will come next year, to be ready for the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Therefore, we do not rely on any evolution, which is thought to be quite small before we even know that a new version is coming.

Toyota has worked on fuel cell technology for more than 25 years and we have witnessed a big increase around this. Mirai is one of the first vehicles to step on serial production, which is still the most limited. However, the problem is not with cars but with infrastructure. Not a few fuel cell stations around it and that’s the main proposition why the North American version, for example, is only available in California.

2019 Toyota Mirai Changes

In terms of the basic design characteristics, this is one of the first fuel cell cars in serialized form. Many see this car as a lab on wheels, which is not far from the truth, especially if we see that the world is certainly not ready for such a vehicle. The number of hydrogen stations is too small for any comfort. Still, it will not create Toyota and other crazy companies discouraged, because this is clearly the future of the automotive industry.

2019 Toyota Mirai review

2019 Toyota Mirai changes will continue without major evolution. This is a medium size car, you will write a decent family car. The fact that this is a deliberate fuel cell car means you can rely on a fairly high level of practicality. This model is broad and the car’s display features are relatively common. From the side, you will easily recognize Toyota’s latest design language. Many similarities can be found with the new generation Prius, as well as with other internal combustion vehicles from the ranks. However, you can also witness a number of special details, which are useful for highlighting the character of an unconventional car.

Such a design approach is far more visible in the back, where we can see the most designed back. The first thing you will notice is the large taillights, which also display unusual formats, compared with other Toyota models. Also, we will see too little muscle near the rear wheels, which certainly does not give up the good thing, only to make this car look not athletic enough.

2019 Toyota Mirai exterior

2019 Toyota Mirai Interior

On the inside, 2019 Toyota Mirai Interior looks fully compatible with its nature. You will easily see not a few futuristic elements, not only in terms of not a little digital control but in the affairs of lines and the most unusual format on the dashboard. Of course, it’s not hard to see that there are not a few digital screens. The instrument cluster, naturally, is mounted in the middle stack, just above the large touchscreen. The third screen is smaller and looks below and is useful for climate and a number of controls. Interestingly, the company keeps not a little physical control, which creates the most handsome combination, especially in the center console.

2019 Toyota Mirai review interior

When it comes to chairs, this is a medium sized car, to the point that you can rely on not a little legroom. However, it can only accommodate four people. Another practical problem is the back seat, which cannot be folded. Because of the great smell of hydrogen, the cargo location is the most limited.

2019 Toyota Mirai Features

One of the most unique affairs about this car is that there is no such thing as a trim level or optional features. Every single model is equipped with the same standard set of equipment. Of course, the Toyota Mirai specs will continue with the same technique. In practice, this is certainly not too bad, because the standard equipment arrangement is quite long. You can rely on things like ignition and entry, adjustable seats, navigation, premium audio systems, heated seats and steering wheel etc. There are also a number of modern safety systems and driver assistance, such as adaptive roaming controls, blind-spot surveillance with cross-traffic warnings, rear parking sensors etc.

2019 Toyota Mirai Performance

2019 Toyota Mirai Performance takes around 9 seconds to reach 60 mpg. This may sound the least impressive, but it should be remembered that this is a two-ton vehicle with only 150 horsepower. If we are not familiar with the technique of working fuel cell vehicles, here is a brief explanation. Basically, there is a 150 cell fuel cell stack, which combines oxygen from help and hydrogen from two tanks, producing electricity. This electricity drives an electric motor that drives the front wheel. Also, there is a 1.6-kilowatt-hour nickel-metal-hydride booster that lights up when you reduce the pedal harder. This model shows fuel savings that run near 66 mpg-e, while the max coverage ranges from 315 miles.

2019 Toyota Mirai review engine

2019  Toyota Mirai Release Date and Price

The 2019 Toyota Mirai price will be coming soon, in a number of weeks. As we mentioned, this car appears in a single version, so the entire model costs the same. The price must remain the same as for the current model, which costs 58,000 dollars.

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